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ECO Office Certification

On 15 October 2021, UTEC has been awarded the Champion award in the Eco-Office certification and demonstrates outstanding commitment to the environment at the workplace. This accreditation is initiated by Singapore Environment Council. 
UTEC is committed to saving the environment by incorporating environmental practices into our daily lives. UTEC will implement environmentally-friendly practices including 
•    Create awareness of current environmental pollution and emerging environmental issues.
•    Promote sustainable and novel technologies for pollution treatment and prevention. 
•    Provide green living ideas and going green solutions.
•    Create and promote green communities
•    Reduce wastage and advocate 3R practices
•    Encouraging greenery in the office
With this certification, UTEC aims to facilitate the development of a continual improvement cycle for office ‘greening’ and consistently identify areas of environmental initiative in greatest need of improvement.


Pledge for a Better Built Environment Workplace

On 8 December 2020, UTEC signed the "Pledge for a Better Built Environment Workplace". This pledge is initiated by BCA and CIJC to promote and highlight Built Environment Firms with outstanding HR practices. 

Though this pledge signing, UTEC aims to uphold the strong HR practices based on the following key HR principles:

1) Performance Management and Training

2) Recruitment and On-Boarding

3) Communications

4) Rewards and Compensations

5) Wellness and Support Schemes

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