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PUB - DTSS Phase 2 Contract T11


In Progress

This sub-contract was awarded to UTEC in 2019. Scope includes the construction of 5 shafts to approximately 40m deep.

This is the first time the Vertical Shaft Machine was deployed for use in Southeast Asia.

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LTA - Thomson Line

Contract T206


The sub-contract for the construction of tunnels between Woodlands Station and Woodlands Avenue 12 was awarded to UTEC in 2015.


3 EPB and 2 SPB machines were used in the construction of the tunnels with a total length of 7km.


PUB - Bukit Timah First Diversion Canal

Project C3


Awarded in 2015, a single EPB was deployed for the construction of the twin-bored, 6m diameter of approximately 470m total length in this sub-contract.

The TBM bored under Military Hill, with a tunnel overburden of approximately 6m to 35m.

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Prasarana Malaysia Berhad - KL LRT 3 (Malaysia)

In Progress

Awarded to the Primercon - UTEC Consortium in 2019. The main scope of works involves the construction of a 2.5km twin-bored tunnel and its stations from Bandar Utama to Johan Setia.

Due to site constraints, a launch portal will be used in place of a shaft for the TBM launch.


CEDD - Kai Tak Development Stage 3B (Hong Kong)


Part of this Contract entails the construction of a 133m underground pedestrian walkway in the metropolitan area of Kowloon, which was sub-contracted to UTEC in 2018.

This is the first time a rectangular pipe jacking machine has been deployed in Hong Kong.



Mumbai Metro Line 3



The sub-contract for the construction of 4.2km twin-bored tunnel between Marol Naka to Car Depot was awarded to UTEC in 2017. This is part of the Mumbai Metro Line 3 construction. 


The tunnels were constructed using 2 EPB TBMs, and a dual-mode TBM.

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