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Image by Sarah Kilian

COVID-19 Updates

Employers Required to Ensure Workers Undergo Routine Testing by 5 September - Ministry of Manpower (MOM), Building and Construction Authority (BCA), Economic Development Board (EDB), Health Promotion Board (HPB)


Company and Staff Cohesion

"Work Hard, Play Hard". UTEC embodies this statement as we often organise cohesion for the company to get together and have fun.


Birthday Celebration

Here in UTEC, staff birthdays are always celebrated.


Festival Celebration

We never miss a festive celebrations. We think that festive celebrations are important, especially in Singapore, as we celebrates all cultures and employees. 


WSHE Campaign

The company places a strong emphasis on Workplace Safety, Health, and Environment (WSHE). We are constantly thinking and adopting measures that fulfil the criteria of WSHE.


Staff Appreciation

In UTEC, we always award hard work. After the completion of a milestone or a major project, the company will show their appreciation to the staffs for their effort and accomplishment. .

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